Studio Egret West was established in November 2004 by Christophe Egret and David West with a shared vision: To offer strategy with architectural specificity; and specificity within an overall strategy. Not just what lies within an introvert red line boundary. Architecture is too often seen in isolation from its urban context. Planning is too often seen as soulless, unspecific proposals that gather dust on shelves. We believe that the way forward is the osmosis between planning and architecture.

Studio Egret West is just this. We follow no formula and no recipe. Not just architecture by architects and not just planning by planners. 50/50 Architecture/Urban Design with the public realm prioritized as the foundation of sustainable communities.

Our studio in London offers a unique working environment; a mixture of sketching, painting, modelling, music, food and humour. We are a growing practice of international architects, urban designers and landscape architects with diverse interests and skills. We are approachable. We promise no lectures. No superiority and no pretensions. Just high ambitions, clarity of thinking and imagination in abundance.

Studio Egret West is about energy, courage, exploring the less trodden path and an understanding that to make real change you have to challenge convention. We are constantly looking for people and places that share our ambitions and want to work with us.


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